Corporate News from 30 June 2020
30. June 2020 - Finanzen, General

HMS Bergbau AG: Changes in the Management Board and Supervisory Board

  • Founder Heinz Schernikau changes from the Management Board to the Supervisory Board
  • Dennis Schwindt is appointed CEO

Berlin, 30 June 2020: The Supervisory Board of HMS Bergbau AG, one of the leading independent raw materials marketing and trading companies in Germany, announces the scheduled move of Heinz Schernikau from the Management Board to the Supervisory Board and the appointment of Dennis Schwindt as CEO.

Heinz Schernikau (69), who founded HMS Bergbau AG in 1995, will leave the Management Board of HMS Bergbau AG as planned with effect from 30 June 2020 to oversee the company’s success in the years to come as a member of the Supervisory Board.

Elections to the Supervisory Board are to take place at the Annual General Meeting on 20 August 2020. Also as planned, Dr Hans-Dieter Harig will not stand for re-election to the Supervisory Board. If Heinz Schernikau is elected by the Annual General Meeting to the Supervisory Board, he will become the Board’s chairperson.

The Supervisory Board is also announcing the appointment of Dennis Schwindt as Chairman of the Management Board (CEO) for a term of five years. Mr Schwindt had been appointed as COO to the Management Board of HMS Bergbau AG at the beginning of 2018.

As COO, Dennis Schwindt (43) has been highly successful at HMS Bergbau AG in carrying out his responsibility for raw materials trading, developing special projects and co-managing foreign subsidiaries, as well as overseeing investor relations.

“We would like to thank Heinz Schernikau for his outstanding achievements as founder and CEO of HMS Bergbau AG, which has developed over the last decades into an international raw materials trading group with sales in the three-digit million euro range. We look forward to our future work together on the Supervisory Board, where he will contribute the expertise in global raw materials trading that he has amassed over the past decades, as well as his international contacts.

We are also pleased to hand over additional responsibility to Dennis Schwindt. Based on the expertise and his leadership skills he has demonstrated within HMS Bergbau AG for several years, we are convinced that he will now also make a significant contribution as CEO to the implementation of the expanded strategic objectives of the internationally positioned group”, commented the Chairman of the Supervisory Board of HMS Bergbau AG, Dr Hans-Dieter Harig.

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