Business Model

Commodity sourcing

HMS procures raw materials on a FOT, FOR and FOB basis. We secure attractive purchasing agreements with producers and suppliers and develop resources to secure long-term business. We adeptly oversee the supply of a wide array of essential energy products, catering to various industry needs with precision and expertise.

Financing & contract processing

We process transactions both for our customers and for the HMS Group. In addition to contract execution, we handle the financing of the transactions. Our clients value our customized solutions and the HMS Group's integrated approach in the trading business.


We provide customers and business partners with a full range of services, from just-in-time delivery of energy products and raw materials to the full organization of transport logistics. We keep a close eye on international market developments at all times.


The group' s service portfolio ranges from the chartering of vessels to the organization of inland transportation by rail, truck and port handling, depending on requirements.

Raw material storage & processing

We organize and manage local raw material storage as well as product compounding and loading. We also handle the technical monitoring of all processes. HMS Bergbau AG specializes in reliable just-in-time deliveries for their customers.


With our many years of experience and broad know-how, we advise raw material transport companies, power plant operators and port operations in Germany and in the international market.

We generate value by balancing supply and demand of raw materials in real time and space. In addition to diversifying our product portfolio and complementing our services, our strategy of becoming an international commodity company is focused on vertical integration based on the sustainable development of our own raw material reserves.

Trusting and stable business relationships are the foundation of successful international trading activities of the HMS Group. The main customers include steel and cement producers, glass and paper mills, waste recycling plants and power stations. We offer customized business solutions and take an integrated approach to trading business.


HMS offers a wide range of products and services individually customized for its clients, examples include:

Energy products

Coking coal



Thermal Coal


Selected oil & gas products

Metals & minerals

Iron ores

Manganese ores






Renewables & other products

Wood pellets



Cementitious & cement products


Trading & Logistics

HMS Bergbau AG is a leading independent commodity trading company in Germany. The HMS Group offers customers and business partners the entire range of services from the just-in-time supply of raw materials to the organization of the overall logistics of transport. The service portfolio of our highly professional and experienced team ranges from the chartering of vessels to the organization of inland transports, port management, warehouse management and coal preparation to technical support, as required.

International sea freight

Port management


Operational processing

Technical monitoring

Product processing

Storage management


Quality assessment


Inland transport

Via barges

Via truck

Per rail

Just-in-time delivery


HMS Bergbau AG offers maximum reliability in terms of quality and logistics and has long-standing customer relationships with private and state-owned companies based in Africa, Asia, Europe and the Middle East.

Additionally, HMS exclusively represents selected international producers in various markets. Suppliers value HMS as a reliable and solvent partner, because we support our supply partners – even when times get tough.

We supply private and state-owned companies in the following industries:

Cement producer

The building materials industry accounts for a large share of our customer structure. In this sector, the sustainable use of secondary products can contribute to the resource efficiency of our customers.

Steel producers

In the steel industry, coking and coal products are the preferred reduction agents for the production of iron via blast furnace.

Other industrial companies

such as glassworks, paper mills and waste processing plants, as well as power plants.

Our customers have selected HMS as their raw material supplier and thus additionally benefit from our services in the areas of procurement and logistics. This enables them to be more competitive compared to traditional, in-house procurement solutions.

HMS is committed to continuously improving its performance and the quality of customer service. Most of our business is based on long-term contractual relationships.


In the long term, HMS Group is expanding its resources in conjunction with its subsidiaries and partners. By integrating its own production into the value chain within the group, significantly higher margins are achievable. By controlling further business areas, HMS Bergbau AG can offer customers expertise within the entire value chain.

Silesian Coal S.A.

In Europe, Silesian Coal S.A., a subsidiary of HMS, is developing a coking coal project in the Silesian coal basin. By using existing infrastructures, the project can go into production exceptionally fast compared to other greenfield projects, once the mining license is granted. Approx. 1.5 million tons of coking coal will be mined here annually for the needs of the European industry as part of the EU raw materials strategy.


As junior miners, we act agilely and effectively. We acquired the necessary experience from previous engagements in production and logistics. HMS Group is equipped with the expertise and the necessary resources for project planning, financing and execution.

If you are interested or have any questions, please do not hesitate to contact us.