Commodities for the future

HMS Bergbau AG is an internationally operating, independent commodities marketing company specializing in reliable just-in-time deliveries of commodities, energy products, ores, cement and other raw materials for industrial customers worldwide. HMS’s annual volume turnover exceeds several million tons.

As one of the leading commodity trading companies in Germany with decades of experience, comprehensive expertise, excellent global contacts and forward-looking development projects, HMS Bergbau AG is built on a solid foundation and has compelling growth prospects.


Where we came from

HMS Bergbau AG was founded as HMS Bergbau Agentur AG in 1995. Initially, the company marketed coal products primarily to smaller German industrial customers.

Where we are now

Thanks to energetic and consistent action, HMS Bergbau AG has established itself as an important and reliable player on the international commodities market.

Our vision for the future

With a strong commitment and targeted investment projects, we are continuing our growth strategy and will further expand our position on the international commodities market.

Guiding principles

Long-term perspectives

We build our business with a long-term perspective. That is why reliability and mutual trust are of enormous importance to us. The dynamic and performance-oriented actions of HMS Bergbau AG are at the same time characterised by prudence and, if necessary, restraint.

Customised solutions

Our business partners appreciate our customised services and solutions. We are flexible and our thinking and actions are characterised by the constant search for win-win solutions - because that is the basis for a sustainable business relationship.

Efficient teamwork

The high professional and ethical standards of the HMS team are expressed both in external contact with business partners and in the fair, motivated interaction between employees. This enables HMS to compete successfully with the best in the market.