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CO2 neutral as of 2019

News from December 09, 2020

Berlin, 09 December 2020: HMS Bergbau AG, one of the leading independent commodity trading and marketing companies in Germany, has been certified as a CO2-neutral company as of this year.

HMS Bergbau AG is compensating for its administrative and in-house operative CO2 emissions of the entire HMS Group for the business year 2019. This has been determined and confirmed by independent and authorized auditors. The Co2 compensation was reached through a number of investments in international climate protection projects. Shares have been acquired in “Gold Standard” accredited projects which sustainably reduce greenhouse gases.

The determined CO2 emissions, which include factors such as the energy consumption of offices, the company’s own vehicles, as well as business travel and commuting activities of all employees of the globally-operating group, are now calculated annually and subsequently offset.

CEO, Dennis Schwindt, in his comments, highlights the importance of sustainable investments: “Environmental protection plays an important role in the responsible and sustainable operations of all modern companies today. We are also seeing that our actions give us a clear competitive advantage that we can pass on to our customers as additional value added.”