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Capital increase from authorised capital

Publication of Insider Information according to Article 17 MAR as of 9 August, 2018

Berlin, 9 August 2018: The Supervisory Board of HMS Bergbau AG, one of the leading independent raw materials marketing and trading companies in Germany, has today decided to increase the capital from authorised capital.

The resolution provides for an increase in the company’s share capital of just under 5.07 percent through the partial use of the authorised capital in exchange for the conversion of loans granted, excluding shareholders’ subscription rights.

The capital increase will increase the company’s share capital by EUR 221,588.00 from the current level of EUR 4,370,000 divided into 4,370,000 no-par-value bearer shares to EUR 4,591,588 through the issue of 221,588 new no-par value bearer shares with a notional interest in the share capital of EUR 1.00 per no-par-value share. The new shares will be issued to long-term lenders against conversion of loans at a price of EUR 17.00 per share. The transaction contributes significantly to improving the balance sheet structure of HMS Bergbau AG. Overall, shareholders’ equity can thus be increased significantly from EUR 4.5 million as at 31 December 2017 to EUR 10.1 million as at 30 June 2018, while at the same time reducing loan liabilities. Placement costs were not incurred.